Location: Fars province, villages of Darab
Number of Teachers: 2
Start Date: June 2014
End Date: Autumn 2014

Four villages of Forg area in Darab neighborhood joined Read with Me in June 2014. This project was implemented in 4 villages in this district by the invitation of Scientific and Cultural Foundation of Danesh va Rouyesh Shamim.


The children of GhaleNo, Ghalat Touye, NasirAbad and Doborji villages -95km southwest of Darab- joined this project in July 2014.

The first workshop for the tutors was held on 16-17 June after being invited by the founder of the foundation. On these two days, 10 residents of villages learned “Reading Aloud”, “Dramatic Arts”, “Creative Child-centered Education”, and “Learning Phonological Awareness Skills”.

Ismail Khorshidsavar is a resident in this area who has established this foundation in order to properly fill the leisure time of the children in GhaleNo village. 110 children from this district learn computer, languages, mathematics and creativity training in this center.

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