Equipping Mohammad Vali Kamineh school library

Geographical location: Gomishan, Golestan Province
Age-group: ۶-۱۲ years old
Number of Library members: ۱۸۶ children and adolescents
Number of books: ۲۱۱ titles and 338 books
Date of Outfit: Autumn 2014

Mohammad Vali Kamineh School, managed by Yaghub Shirvani asked to establish a Read with Me library in the school in Autumn 2014. By the efforts of some benefactors the library was equipped by a collection of Read with Me selected books and since then Reading Aloud sessions are held three times a week, 12 times a month by 10 librarians and school teachers for age-groups from 6 to 12 years.


Mohammad Vali Kamineh school library has 186 members, 6 to 12 years old. Each month ۱۱۵ members, most of whom are in the age-group of 10 to 12, borrow books from the library.
The name of the school, Mohammad Vali Kamineh, is a great Turkmen poet’s name who was born on 1770 A.D.
Mohammad Vali was his name and Kamineh (meaning minimum) was his attribute. He selected this title for himself because of his humility, believing that he was less than everyone else.

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