Geographical Location: North of South Khorasan province
Age-group: preschool
Number of Children:678
Start Date: October 2013
End Date: Summer 2015


The Read with Me program was implemented for 12 kindergartens and preschools and 350 children in the city and its surrounded villages. This project started in Ghaennat by sending book packages and holding workshops for teachers on 10-11 September 2013. In the first workshops, Children’s Literature, Reading Aloud and Book-related Activities were introduced. another round of book packages were sent in December. Workshops were held on 23-24 January on the subjects of Living Values, Story Elements, Reading Aloud and Dramatic Arts.

In May 2013 a simple practical Librarianship workshop was held in 9 preschools in this region. By sending the third book packages for all age-groups, these centers turned into small libraries. They can be used by all children in rural areas during the summer. By 2014/15, 360 children in 12 kindergartens and preschools were covered by this project.

In February 2014 the experts of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, held supplementary workshops for the tutors including Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills, Story Elements and Environment. Also in summer 2015 a group of selected teachers and tutors of South Khorasan came to Tehran in two turns for a three-day camp. Each group participated in advanced workshops during their stay. On the first day, “Environment”, “Children’s Literature and Quality Books”, “Illustration in children’s books”, “Teaching Rhetoric Techniques” and “Reading Aloud” workshops were held for each group. On the second day, advanced reading aloud workshops were held.

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