Roqieh Nursery

Geographical Location: Roqieh Nursery, Bahman sq., Tehran
Age Group: Preschool through sixth grade
Number of Children: 60 infants
Number of Tutors: 15 plus one psychiatrist
Start Date:
In Progress

Roqieh Welfare and Nursery Services Complex is a subsidiary of Shemiran Welfare Office in Tehran province. It is a place for nursing orphans and unsupervised children between zero and six years old.

With the continuous supervision of “Read with Me” experts and the center’s consent, the program initiated its activity in this nursery with the financial support of a group of benefactors since late autumn 2017.

 “Read with Me” at Roqieh Nursery will pursue the following goals:

  • Attending to the learning and development of unsupervised children
  • Fulfilling their basic needs in enhancing auditory and verbal, cognitive and emotional skills from their beginning years
  • Using children’s literature tailored to this age group to help them develop linguistic, social and emotional skills
  • Training educators to understand the special needs of these newborns and toddlers beyond the primary care
  • Attempting to create a more healthy environment for unprotected children
  • Creating emotional bonds through books, reading and having conversations with these children

Implementing the “Read with Me” at the center includes weekly Reading with Babies and Toddlers session and other workshops for volunteers and educators. So far, 136 book volumes have been submitted to the center. In addition to the books for newborns and toddlers some other books are for children aged 3-6, and 7-9 years.

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