Lalehaye Enghelab Primary School – Pakdasht

Geographical Location: Pakdasht, Tehran
Age Group: Preschool through sixth grade
Number of Children: 800
Number of Tutors: 30
Start Date: Autumn 2017
In Progress

In 2017, nearly 300 fifth and sixth grade students joined the “Read with Me” program. They were students from “Lalehaye Enghelab” primary school in Pakdasht (a marginal city in south of Tehran). In the first “Read with Me” workshop in December 2017, seven teachers, a primary school headmaster an educational assistant, and six mothers who are members of the School Board discussed holding Reading Aloud sessions, Children’s Literature, Quality Books, and Story Elements workshops.

Ninety-six books in about 200 volumes of quality books were sent to this school in the first semester. The school librarian also attended the “Read with Me” Child-Centered Libraries workshop. She was then provided with the necessary guidelines to set up a dynamic and child-centered library at this school.

In February 2018 a second round of workshops were held for the teachers. These workshops included Dramatic Arts (Body Expressions, Shadow and Hand Puppetry, Masks and Scenography) and Complementary Reading Aloud. In addition, in February, the responsible expert of “Read with Me” program visited the classes at this school. During this visit they addressed the problems, and guided teachers in the areas they needed help.

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