Geographical Location: Rouzbahan Library, Haj Namaz Gharavi Elementary School, Sufi Sheykh Gharavi village, Kalaleh, Golestan province
Start Date: May 2019
Supporter(s): Dr. Shahshahani

In March 2019, Read with Me experts were invited by Dr. Shahshahani to visit Sufi Sheykh Gharavi schools. During this visit, they chose Haj Namaz Gharavi Elementary school for establishing a library.

This village has a population of more than 1600, 240 of which are students. Haj Namaz Gharavi school allocated a room to Read with Me for establishing Rouzbahan Library.

The library was designed based on Read with Me child-centered library standards. It started its activities in May 2019 with more than 350 book titles (900 in total) and continued to do so throughout the summer.

Teachers of other schools and promoters from nearby villages can also use this library and borrow its quality books. 20 of them can also borrow book displays in order to hang their quality books on their classroom walls.

Teachers and librarians of this region participated in workshops held by Read with Me experts. They are now trained in read-aloud techniques, children’s literature, story elements, dramatic arts, quality books and rich literacy environment.

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