Shoush House for Children

Location: Harandi Ave., Khayam Street, District 12, Tehran
Age-group: Preschool, Elementary school
Number of Children: 210
Number of Teachers: 3
Start Date: July 2013

Read with Me project started its activity in Shoush House for Children for children in first to 5th grade of Elementary School in Summer 2013. This project was implemented as a summer activity twice a week. After the beginning of the school year, the project was stopped for 4 month. But it restarted in January 2014 for 75 children in the first and second grade, after consultations between The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature and Society for Protecting the Rights of the child . It has continued by now.


This center has started its activity in Darvazeh Ghar and Shoush district since 2000. It works on different subjects like basic literacy, physical, psychological and social health of the children and young adults in the district, promoting awareness and improving people’s attitude towards the children. Especially working children.

At the moment due to the attendance of some students in public schools the number of children participating in Read with Me project has reduced to 103 students, 60 boys 53 girls. After observing the project’s effects on the development of cognitive skills in children, the center’s management decided to implement this project in school hours. The program during academic year includes Reading Aloud sessions for students from first to 5th grade and working with Creative Educational Packages for first-grade students.

According to the head of this center, by performing books-related activities such as Reading Aloud, summarizing, painting and craft, children’s interest, attention and concentration on books have improved even among agitated children. Interest in making masks, performing plays upon the books and writing fictional stories has increased among them. Also, Read with Me had effects on “Let’s write”, “Fluent Reading” and “Essay” courses.

Overall, by implementing the program in this center, children had significant growth in writing and lingual comprehension. They have improved cognitive skills in personal and social fields. They’re showing positive results such as aggression reduction, acceptance of criticism, consulting, contributing and speaking for solving problems.

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