Geographical Location: Sirjan, Kerman Province
Age-group: First grade to third grade of Elementary School
Number of children: 5300
Number of Teachers: 163
Start Date: November 2015
In Progress


Read with Me started its activities in Sirjan from November 2015 with the financial support of the Meraj Andisheh Sirjan Cultural Institute and the cooperation of the Department of Education. The first set of workshops were held in November 2015 for 25 tutors from 22 different schools. Trainees in these workshops learned about choosing books for children, Story Elements, Reading Aloud, Dramatic Arts, Making Masks and Documentation.

An agreement was made to cover more than 1870 children from first to third grade of by this program. Also in the first phase of the program, 600 books and over 1870 activity sheets were sent to the children.

In the academic year 2016-2017, the second year of the “Read with Me” program’s presence in Sirjan schools began. In February 2016, 84 teachers from first through third grades, 7 tutors and 2 preschool educators participated in the workshops. The courses were dedicated to Reading Aloud, Quality Books, Story Elements, Dramatic Art, Mask Making, Scenography, Finger Puppetry, Environment and Dictionary of Riddles workshops. These teachers conducted reading sessions and book-related activities for 2,538 students in their schools.

In 2017-2018, students benefited from the “Read with Me” program for the third year. In early December 2012, the first round of workshops was held for 45 1st through 3rd grade teachers. In addition, two Sirjan school librarians traveled to Tehran to be trained in the field of child-centered libraries and participated in related workshops. By establishing a place as library these instructors will borrow book packages alternately and hold book-related sessions in their classrooms.

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