Geographical Location: Zabol, Sistan & Balouchestan Province
Age-group: Preschool to third grade of Elementary School
Number of Children: 1790
Start DateAutumn 2015
In Progress

In 2016-2017, the “Read with Me” program had a more highlighted presence in Zabol and covered the five poles of Hamoun, Nimroz, Hirmand, Bonjār and Zahak with 635 children and 27 educators at 5 schools with the support of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Co. In total, nearly 3,000 books were sent in two stages for children in the area. The “Read with Me” complementary workshops were held in two rounds for these educators. The covered schools were visited in February 2016 and April 2017 and the performance of the teachers was evaluated.

After two years of program implementation in Zabol, with the financial support of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Co., the Read with Me program established a child-centered library for children of Etrat School in May 2018 so that students from nearby schools would also benefit from this library.

The library has been designed with a rich literacy environment, taking children’s interest level into account. It has over 400 volumes of books and 66 book-related activity sheets and handbooks.

Following the establishment of this library, Read with Me held a workshop on “Children’s Literature and Reading Aloud Techniques” for 30 teachers of second through fourth grades. They can now share the quality books of this library with their students using the Book Backpacks presented to them.

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