Learning Alphabet Workshop Attracted teachers in Iranshahr

با من بخوان

Learning Alphabet Workshop - RWM in Iranshahr - Dec 2015In December 2015, Read with Me experts were sent to Iranshahr by the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in order to help the teachers of the first grade of elementary schools with teaching the basic literacy by the most recent methods along with happiness and games and literature to deprived children of this land. Nehzat Ghoreishi and Mona Jamshidi, held multiple “Learning Alphabet” workshops for 430 teachers of the first grade of elementary school in Iranshahr, Sistan and Balouchestan to respond this essential need of teachers and children in this area.

The “Learning Alphabet” workshops were held in Rask, Sarbaz and Iranshahr but the enthusiastic trainees also came from other regions to these sessions to participate in these workshops. Tens of teachers went through long distances from Bazman, Dargan and Lashar hoping for learning newer and more efficient methods and they got to know Creative child-centered education, the importance of awareness about phonemes and articulation, segmental and suprasegmental in speech chain and the goals of Learning Alphabet package and practiced working with these packages. At the end of the workshop “Learning Alphabet” packages were delivered to the teachers.

Learning Alphabet Workshop - RWM in Iranshahr - Dec 2015 Learning Alphabet Workshop - RWM in Iranshahr - Dec 2015

In these workshops RWM trainers tried to answer the questions of teachers and encourage the keen and eager teachers who had come long distances and double their enthusiasm for teaching. Teachers from this region, some of whom teach in multi-grade classes, were interested in these workshops and asked for repeating and continuation of such workshops and courses.

Read with Me project which is implemented this year by the financial support of Omran Azarestan Construction Company and cooperation of Sistan and Balouchestan Education Office in Iranshahr and Zabol,  hopes to take a step forward in empowering teachers and children in this region by book reading promotion and creative methods for reading.

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