Another group of children from MahmoudAbad brick kilns are covered by Read with Me project

با من بخوان

Since January, by the efforts of MahmoudAbad Cultural Center authorities, a new group of children MahmoudAbad brick kilns joined Read with Me project. These children who live in outlying areas of brick kilns couldn’t attend the courses in the cultural house before because of the remote distance. By convincing two local drivers, they accepted to transport these children to and from the cultural house so that these children can get the primary education and be far from the working environment for some hours every day.

Book Reading sessions are held in MahmoudAbad Cultural Center since the opening of MahmoudAbad child-centered library by the supports of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature and a benefactor in the framework of Read with Me project. These sessions have been held for four groups of children (two groups in kindergarten and two in preschool) in mornings and evenings. Now by joining 18 more children the number of these groups has increased to five. By now it is three weeks that the last group of these children attend book reading sessions in the cultural center. This group consists of children from 3 to 6 years old from Iranian and Afghan families. Considering that these children have never been in a learning environment before, the tutors spent the first days only on playing and after making the children interested in class they started book-reading with them. By holding the same method and after getting used to books, the education will be continued based on “Learning sounds package”. Fereshteh Dabbagh, Read with Me project responsible in MahmoudAbad Cultural Center, visits these sessions once a week and in addition to reading aloud with children, she mentions the problems and gives suggestions to tutors in order to improve their work. After cognition of a Learning Disability case and sending him to the Learning Disabilities Psychologist by the efforts of RWM responsible, the cultural center authorities accepted to pay for the cost of treatment of this child in a Learning Disabilities Center.

These children participate in Book Reading sessions till the end of summer. By the start of the new academic year, if their parents are still working in the brick kilns, they will be registered in kindergarten or preschool upon their age.

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