Read with Me workshops were held in Jam, Bushehr

با من بخوان

Read with Me workshops in Jam, Bushehr - Sep 2016In the final days of September 2016, two trainers from Read with Me traveled to Jam (near Asaluyeh), Bushehr by an invitation from the founder and manager of Jam-e-Jam Bilingual Kid’s House to hold Read with Me two-day workshops for eight tutors from this center.

On these two days, in 8 sessions, tutors learned about methods of holding an interesting book reading session, reading aloud, children’s literature and quality books, story elements, Learning Sounds (for preschoolers), role-playing and how to do book-related artistic activities.

In these workshops, tutors showed interest in creative education package of “Learning Sounds”, from the series of “Basic Literacy improvement through Literature Packages”. In the following Read with Me workshops, this learning process will be continued by teaching “Learning Alphabet” package.

Jam is the most populated town in the area where workers from refinery and Petrochemical and Gas Company live with their families. Jam-e-Jam Bilingual Kid’s House authorities, benefiting experts’ views, have made a new and proper educational atmosphere for children.

Read with Me workshops in Jam, Bushehr - Sep 2016

Read with Me hopes that the project’s implementation in this center would be the first step of project’s implementation for other less fortunate children in the region to join and benefit the project’s profits.

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