Read with Me starts its new round in Lorestan

با من بخوان

Teachers in Read with Me introduction meeting - Read with Me in Kouhdasht, Lorestan - Dec 2016

On 11 November 2016, two experts from the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature travelled to KhorramAbad in order to hold a meeting in this city for more than 35 teachers from nomad schools and represent the Read with Me project. In this meeting the Head of Nomad and Village Schools’ Education Office and Lorestan Education Office Administrative Assistant were also present.

Elaheh Siavoshian talked about the situation of book reading in the country and how it affects children and meet their needs. Afterwards, Mitra Siavoshian, RWM Project responsible in Lorestan, introduced the project and reviewed its procedure in Kouhdasht district in recent years. The final part of this meeting was spent to describe the documentation methods in this project and how to hold a reading aloud session, and a book (Izzy and Skunk) was read aloud as a sample.

Read with Me has started its new round in Lorestan this year and it covers 25 nomad schools with 470 children in first to sixth grade of elementary school and more than 40 teachers. About 100 books (Reading Aloud books and Basic Literacy Packages), 400 activity sheets, 200 books for teachers and school principals and about 1500 handbooks will be sent to this region in the framework of RWM project.

The authorities of Lorestan Education Office have well received this project in nomad schools. It is the third year that Read with Me is running in Kouhdasht, Lorestan.

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