MahmoudAbad’s Theatre Group Performs Arash the Archer

Children performing Arash the Archer

Children performing Arash the ArcherA group of adolescent girls in the Supportive Education Center of MahmoudAbad performed the play Arash the Archer in the closing ceremony of this center.

Children and adolescents presented their book-related activities and exhibited their works on 14 and 16 May 2017 in the closing ceremony of this center. These activities were part of the Read with Me program.

Exhibition of book-related activities

This ceremony included singing and playing for kindergarten and preschool students and the performance of a group of adolescents based on Arash the Archer which is a book published by IRHCLI. The story of this book has been recreated by MohammadHadi Mohammadi and illustrated by Neda RastinMehr. It is one of the many book IRHCLI has dedicated to MahmoudAbad’s Library.

Children performing Arash the Archer

In the end, all children received presents and the children who were more active in book reading were acknowledged. Also, this center held an exhibition of children’s book-related activities for their families and other enthusiasts.

An RWM expert in the Supportive Education Center of MahmoudAbad talked about the performance of Arash the Archer in an interview with Ketabak:

“This performance was the result of the motivation and hard work of these creative girls along with the guidance of our compassionate colleagues especially Ms. Saket and Ms. Nemati. These girls showed how much they have grown in their understanding of Persian language and literature. They also proved that by using the right methods, being creative and paying attention to children’s needs, children can become more interested in books, reading and literature.”

“Theatre is one of the pillars of the RWM program which plays an important role in children’s motivation, self-esteem, concentration, expression, imagination and contemplation.”

Children performing Arash the Archer

“Dramatic Arts workshops by RWM expert, Soheila Fallahpour, have been held in this center for 7-14 year old children since 2016 aiming to improve children’s vocal and social skills, especially those who live in critical situations.

In this program, children participate in workshops that help them experience and create pure moments of joy. By performing plays, they learn how to cooperate and how to express their likes and needs and put them to discussion.

After a few months of practice, these children were able to form a small but consistent theatre group which performed a play based on “The Lyrics of Gypsy’s Tar” written by MohammadHadi Mohammadi at the 1st RWM conference for the first time.”

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