Bike and Book Trips for Reading Promotion

Here is a brief report of a couple’s 1000-kilometer biking trip, celebrating April 2, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen and the “International Children’s Book Day” with the motto of Read with Me project: “All children have the right to read quality books” They explain their aim as reading promotion and delivering quality books to children.


Maryam Farhang and Mostafa Bakan strated their 1000km journey on Monday March 28, 2018 from Mashhad to Neishabur and then Zahedan and give books to children as a gift. According to the couple, this is the sixth year they are bilking and this year they are aimed at promoting the culture of reading and setting up child-centered libraries to support “Read with Me” program, which will continue until Friday, April 17, 2018.

The following note was published in “Let’s Read with me” Telegram Channel by Maryam Farhang:

“I, Maryam Farhang, a member of Children’s Book Council of Iran and the “Read with me” group along with my husband, Mostafa Bakan, decided to give books as gift in Nowruz. This time it is the turn for children on our way.

Our goal was to introduce the “Read with me” project with their motto: All children have the right to read quality books.

Our biking path in this year was Khorasan Razavi- South Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces.

We sincerely thank everyone who accompanied us on this trip: The ones who supported us by donating books; all the friends who accompanied us; the police of the South Khorasan province who were along us in dangerous mountainous paths and those who will be with us on our way to Zahedan.

March 2018

The authorities of the Education Office in Sarbisheh accompanies the couple in giving books to children


Children delivered books on the Environment subject regarding the Nature Day in Iran






Bike and Book Trips for Reading Promotion in Iran

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