Read with Me establishes yet another library: Kaveh Child-centered Library

A year into the implementation of the Read with Me program in Kuhrang, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Read with Me has now extended its activities in this region by establishing a child-centered library.

Last autumn, during the 2018-19 academic year, “Read with Me” held Basic Literacy improvement through Literature workshops for first through third grade teachers, covering more than 50 teachers and 1000 students. 9 months later today, students’ enthusiasm toward books and learning is astounding. They count “Nokhodi”, the main character from the package of “Learning Farsi through literature”, as a close friend. They play, explore and indirectly strengthen their basic literacy alongside him. Because of the eagerness shown by these students, Read with Me established “Kaveh Child-centered Library” in a space allocated to the program by the region’s Education Office. As of many other Read with Me child-centered libraries, this library has been supported by a woman, Ms. Kharman Kasraei.

Prior planning began mid-March 2019. But since many of Iran’s regions including Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari were struggling with extensive flooding in April, these plans didn’t come to fruition until 7-8 May. On this date, 3 Read with Me associates travelled to the region, designing the library and categorizing its books with the cooperation of volunteers and locals. These efforts finally paid off on 12 June 2019, on the opening ceremony of Kaveh Child-centered Library. In accordance to the standards of a Read with Me library, this library contains more than 1200 quality books along with handbooks and book-related activity sheets and welcomes the region’s children.

Kaveh Child-centered Library Opening Ceremony, with the participation of Kuhrang Education Office officials

The establishment of this library not only benefits children and young adults, but also covers teachers and their students. The Read with Me program has sent a number of book displays to teachers and asks them to borrow quality books from the library, put them inside the book displays and install them on their classroom walls. This way, quality books will be visible and accessible to students at all times.

Moreover, in the following weeks, Read with Me has scheduled to hold Reading Aloud and Children’s Literature workshops for teachers and local reading promoters to empower them in holding Reading Aloud sessions and book-related activities.

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