۱۴۰ Motivated Tutors Trained in Qeshm Island

Read with Me has been extremely well-received by the teachers of Qeshm Island. Especially after establishing Navid-e-Vahy Library in June 2019. Our success in this region encouraged the expansion of the program based on Qeshm Island’s needs. Accordingly, on the first 2 weeks of 2019-20 academic year, four Read with Me experts traveled twice to Qeshm. There, they held Basic Literacy Creative Education and Dramatic Arts workshops for more than 140 preschool tutors.

During each trip, two sets of workshops were held simultaneously in the island’s western and eastern regions. Therefore, the participants were divided into four groups to ensure productivity in the workshops. They were introduced to the usage of “Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills” packages and the “Dictionary of Riddles”. They also learned how to make puppets and masks in order to intertwine the basics of literacy with enjoyable methods. The tutors showed promising interest and creativity and the locals were eager to cooperate which motivated our team to implement the program as best as possible. It has made us very hopeful about the future of children’s education in this island.

The participants also received the Basic Literacy packages along with their specially made book displays to install in their classrooms.

Yaran-e-Mehr-o-Danesh Association made it financially possible for us to implement the program in this region.

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