New Academic Year, New Read with Me Projects

New Academic Year, New Read with Me Projects

This year, as of past years, the first round of Read with Me workshops will be held in October and December, in different regions of Iran.

Following a few months of research, planning and preparation, quality book packages were finally sent to the covered regions. Read with Me experts also packed their travel bags to blow new life into the classrooms of tutors, teachers and promoters.

In the new academic year, a large number of children have joined the Read with Me program. These children are from at least 22 regions across 8 provinces.

We predict nearly 800 tutors and teachers will be trained in the Read with Me workshops. The newly joined participants will be introduced to the basics of implementing the Read with Me program, the Basic Literacy Creative Education method, children’s literature and reading aloud techniques. Those previously trained, will receive supplementary courses to enhance their skills and enrich the quality of their reading aloud sessions.

It is worth mentioning that this year, in addition to holding workshops and providing quality books, establishing child-centered libraries has also found prominence in our projects. Our libraries will serve children in various geographical locations. From the flood-stricken regions of Lorestan and Khouzestan to the Nurseries of Tehran.

A second round of workshops will be held in December 2019 and January 2020. Before that, experts will travel to the regions once again and visit the covered classrooms, teachers and children. During their visit, they will evaluate the progress of the program, and guide the teachers accordingly.

Read with Me is supported by patrons. This year we have been supported by companies, foundations, organizations and many other contributors without whom, it would be impossible to implement this program.

Overall, Read with Me has been implemented in 22 provinces in Iran. It has covered more than 100,000 children and almost 6000 tutors, teachers and promoters. 62 child-centered libraries have also been established in the framework of this program.

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