Read with Me Libraries in 2019

The role of libraries in strengthening the bonds of children with books has been of utmost importance to the Read with Me program. Therefore, classroom libraries have been an inseparable part of every project regardless of region or circumstances. In the past few years, Read with Me has also adopted a new approach to establishing local and school libraries.

Read with Me classroom library – Nomadic schools of Zahedan

In 2019, Read with Me libraries were extended in both quality and quantity. The library team has been able to design and equip 23 libraries since April 2019. Librarians, teachers and tutors associated with these libraries have been trained in Read with Me Library workshops. Six libraries are also under construction in different regions.

Dayan Read with Me Library – Tehran

Navid-e-Vahy Read with Me Library – Qeshm Island

Vista Library reestablishment – Qom

Poldokhtar Library – Lorestan

Read with Me attempts to empower librarians in sharing quality books with children as well as in concepts such as rich literacy environments and literature. To make this happen, 6 workshops have been held in various regions of the country.

Read with Me Library workshop in Khuzestan

The Library Supervision Subgroup

The Library Supervision Subgroup, started its activities in summer 2019 in order to identify needs and provide solutions to the problems libraries encountered. To make this happen, visits were scheduled and regular reports were demanded of libraries. This subgroup works in close collaboration with the Read with Me Fan Club and was able to visit 20 libraries and act on their issues in 2019. A total of 50 libraries have been supervised by this subgroup to improve their performance.

Visiting rural nomadic libraries of Zahedan

Visiting library of an elementary school in Saravan

Moreover, due to the increase in library numbers, “The Read with Me Library Guideline” was drafted in order to explain concepts in clarity. In this guideline, library characteristics are briefly introduced and the criteria for joining the Read with Me program are explicitly explained.

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