Read with Me Ambassador Holds Her First Workshop

Fatemeh, one of the selected teachers of Read with Me held her first workshop as a Read with Me ambassador. This September, she held a “Learning Numeracy” workshop in Kousha Center, Zahedan, introducing a number of tutors with the creative methods of teaching math.

Who Is a Read with Me Ambassador?

Read with Me ambassadors are selected from the trainees covered by the program. After years of training, they learn about the approaches and patterns of Read with Me. Therefore, they are eligible to share the principles of the program with teachers, tutors and promoters.

By continuing the implementation of Read with Me in their region, ambassadors can have many advantages for the program. In addition to extending the number of covered areas, locals are empowered in terms of experience and knowledge. This guarantees the sustainability and expansion of the program. Moreover, because these ambassadors have been chosen amongst locals and live in the area, they have the opportunity to visit centers, schools and students more frequently.

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