A child-centered library for the eager tutors at Avay-e-Koodaki

Avay-e-Koodaki Kindergarten’s Child-centered Library

Avay-e-Koodaki Kindergarten’s Child-centered Library in Yazd province was established this summer. The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, has equipped this library with more than 400 books. The space of the library has been designed based on Read with Me Child-centered Library principles. In addition to welcoming the kindergarteners, it’s open to all local children at certain hours during the week.

The tutors at Refah and Avay-e-Koodaki center, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, have been working with children for more than three years. In search for a creative method for literacy, they came across the Basic Literacy Creative Education packages of the institute. Ever since the summer of 2019, they officially started their cooperation with the Institute and the Read with Me program. So they participated in a series of workshops including: Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills, Children’s Literature and Reading Aloud.

According to the center’s director, the activities of Read with Me child-centered libraries such as Khansar Library encouraged them to provide such a space for the children of Yazd. They are aiming to create a rich literacy environment with special attention to children’s needs, interest level and rights. This library is an opportunity for children to grow in creativity and imagination in a safe, joyous atmosphere. Every aspect of this library is designed to encourage children to read.

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