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Read with Me Libraries in 2019

The role of libraries in strengthening the bonds of children with books has been of utmost importance to the Read with Me program. Therefore, classroom libraries have been an inseparable part of every project regardless of region or circumstances. In the past few years, Read with Me has also adopted a new approach to establishing […]

Coronavirus cannot separate us from children!

Read with Me in Times of Social Isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak In March 2020, due to the crisis situation of the coronavirus outbreak, schools and public education centers were closed including Read with Me libraries and centers. A lot of these centers most of which cover underserved children in deprived regions, sought out alternative […]

We Grow Up Too, Just Like Little Tad

Book Name: Little Tad Grows Up, by Giuliano Ferri Location: Read-aloud session at home, Caravan Village, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province Date: March 2020 New Year is approaching and it’s time for cleaning and tidying the house. My little daughter was tidying her wardrobe when she came to me, devastated. Her favorite dress didn’t fit her […]

Ghargharuk Read with Me Library Is Now Open

A Read with Me library was established this February in a nomadic elementary school in Ghargharuk village, Zahedan. With Bahremand family as its patrons, this library, is now a safe shelter for children of this village. A library with more than 400 books in a village that lacked any cultural and entertainment center. The Read […]

Let’s Save Mother Nature: activities on national recyclable resources week

National Recyclable Resources Week can is a great opportunity to engage in environmental activities. Reading and book-related activities are appropriate means of teaching the importance of protecting trees and jungles, rivers and seas, recycling and other conservation practices. Below, you can read the experience of a Read with Me tutor from Qeshm Island. This creative […]

Letter from a Father

The Read with Me team received a letter from a father of two young members of Madar “Read with Me” Library in Jiroft. The importance of families in reading promotion is one of the foundations of the Read with Me program. Quality children’s books can engage both children and their parents. By witnessing the effects […]

Women and Girls of Read with Me

  Women and girls have always had great influence on the Read with Me program. A large group of children covered by the program throughout the years has been girls who for numerous reasons have been deprived of education and other opportunities. A large number of teachers and tutors trained by the program have been […]

Why Am I Here: The Big Question Read-aloud

Why Was I Born? The Big Question Read-aloud “You are here to kiss the clouds.” This is what the pilot says when asked the big question. In “The Big Question”, people and things are faced with this big question: why are you here? Each answer this based on their status, responsibility and dreams. Answers full […]

Mothers Cooperate on Read-aloud Week

Mothers Cooperate on Read-aloud Week Read with Me believes in the pivotal role of families in developing social and emotional skills in children. Therefore, on Read-aloud Week, Read with Me centers involved families, especially mothers, in read-aloud activities. The read-aloud experiences of “Kousha House for Children” and “Avay-e-Mandegar Empowerment Center” show once again that Read […]

Let’s Not Forget Children in Flooded Regions of Sistan & Balouchestan

Let’s Not Forget Children in Flooded Regions of Sistan & Balouchestan Amidst a flood of heartbreaking news, the flood of Sistan & Balouchestan province attracted attention to one of the most deprived areas of Iran once again. After years of struggling with drought, the hardworking people of Sistan & Balouchestan are now fighting to survive […]

A Creative Promoter Travels to Bashagard Villages

Zahra is a creative reading promoter and volunteer who joined the Read with Me program through the “One Teacher, One Library, One Classroom” campaign in March 2019. She has been travelling to Bashagard villages in Hormozgan province with her book backpack ever since. Her keen observations and detailed reports, tell of an incredible progress in […]