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A Conversation with Marlon Marmol, Reading Promoter from Philippines

Despite the differences in culture, economy and geography, reading promoters around the world have common motivations and wishes. Cooperation among promoters and learning from the experiences of the world can be effective in promoting the culture of reading and improving literacy levels which can benefit children immensely. In February 2021, on Read-aloud week, Marlon Marmol, […]

Seven years of reading with Children at Ameneh Nursery

 Conversation with the staff involved in implementing book reading in Ameneh Nursery and the influence of the “Read with Me” program on children. Seven years ago, children from the Ameneh Nursery were visiting the Children’s Cultural Museum in Negarestan Garden, their silence and inability to express their needs and feelings sounded a serious and alarming […]

Read with Me libraries in 2020 – Report

COVID-19 pandemic and other social and economic factors made 2020 much different than what we had planned and expected. During this challenging year, all Read with Me colleagues including experts, librarians, promoters, and financial supporters tried to keep children in touch with the world of books. In 2020, the type and amount of library activities […]

Encouraging reception of the “Reading in Families” program by families in Qeshm Island

From January 2021, The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in Iran initiated the “Reading in Families” program in Qeshem Island. Ten teachers and promoters and more than one hundred parents have joined this endeavor. Two months after implementing the program on this large island in the South of Iran, parents, and […]

۳rd Online Meeting of Read with Me Librarians: Children’s cooperation in library management

The 3rd online meeting of Read with Me librarians was held on 3 February 2021. The issue of this meeting was “children’s cooperation in library management”. Librarians from across the country, gathered on amoozak.org online platform and discussed their experiences in having children manage the library and hold read-aloud sessions themselves. A teenage librarian also […]

The Forgotten children of Shir-Abad

For many years, the ‘Read with Me’ project has tried to connect with deprived families to provide early educational opportunities and equip their children with the needed literacy skills before they enter primary school. At the same time, ‘Read with Me’ has helped kindergarten and pre-school teachers to bring about circumstances to develop the innate […]

Read with Me in Times of Coronavirus, 2020 Report

We have all been living in a coronavirus pandemic for months. Kindergartens, schools and libraries were closed, so Read with Me had to transform its activities. The consequences of this pandemic were unfortunate for children as it kept them away from education, books, friendship, and conversations. These adverse circumstances are two times worse for deprived […]

Reading in Families: a new Read with Me project

The Reading in Families program is a new project planned by the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature within the Read with Me framework. It aims to enrich families with reading and turn homes into literacy-rich environments; environments in which children are exposed to literacy through reading, learning phonemic and phonological awareness […]

World Kamishibai Day 2020: celebrating at home

December 7th is World Kamishibai Day. The COVID19 pandemic has restricted children’s access to libraries. Even so, Read with Me promoters and Kamishibai enthusiasts across the world still celebrated this day and performed kamishibai for children. Most promoters performed kamishibai in their homes or through online platforms. Some were able to arrange meetings in libraies […]