Read with Me Project in Tehran Province

Different centers and organizations have joined Read with Me Project in Tehran and Alborz. Although all of them have the same goal – promoting reading and providing quality books for children and adolescents who do not have access to good books in normal situation – but they have wide diversity of organizational and functional aspects. At the moment, Read with Me Project is working in different centers in Tehran and its surrounding: Mahak Hospital, Several Centers for Street Children, Women Empowerment Center, Nursery, Orphanage and even a factory.

Planning these projects in Tehran is more complicated and challenging because of different needs of these groups. Read with Me with great flexibility and resisting on its basic principles, could make it possible to provide a suitable program for children with cancer in Mahak Hospital, to answer the speech and cognitive needs of children in Ameneh Nursery, to be the children’s friend in orphanages and to develop overall growth and improvement of street and working children.

Read with Me Covered areas in Tehran Province

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